Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer and Bulgarian native Stanko Milov is releasing his debut CD album, Heartfelt, a collection of original piano solos. Inspired by the birth of his son, and motivated by his unwavering passion for life.

"The songs are heartfelt, harmonious in sensibility, and handsomely played. The Bulgarians turned out not only superb dancer but also an excellent musician."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, R.M. Campbell

"Milov no longer confines his communication to the stage... Heartfelt is a CD where Milov transfers his unwavering passions and trademark energy to the keyboard."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jane Vranish

It is no surprise to hear that the very musical dancer Stanko Milov (a principal dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet...)has other musical gifts, including substantial talent as a composer and a pianist. In those latter two genres, Bulgarian-born Milov has produced this very listenable CD of his own keyboard works... The music has an improvisatory feel; it's tonal, lyrical, easy to hear and evocative of the emotion suggested by the title."

The Seattle Times, Melinda Bargreen

"In Heartfelt, it seems like Stanko Milov dances with his fingers."
David Lanz, Grammy-Nominated Composer and Pianist

"Heartfelt is truly a remarkable accomplishment. Stanko's performance of his compositions reflects great panache and exuberance which he possesses in abundance."
Dianne Chilgren, Concert Piano Soloist

"Stanko Milov is an irrepressible artist on the ballet stage, and also on the piano!"
Stewart Kershaw FRAM, Music Director of the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

"Having had the honor of conducting for Stanko Milov and enjoying his artistry as a dancer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that his artistry extends to the piano performance and composition. Bravo to his premiere album of enchanting melodies!"
John Stubbs Conductor California Ballet in San Diego and violinist at the San Diego Symphony

Stanko Milov has played piano from a very early age and has improvised and composed music all of his life. Mr. Milov studied classical piano, solfège and music notation for nine years at the State Choreographic School in Sofia, Bulgaria parallel with his classical ballet education.

In February of 2012 Stanko Milov created Crossroads, a one act ballet for the Cornish College of the Arts BFA Program Series.  He composed the musical score of the choreography in collaboration with Seattle based composer/musician Eric Chappelle.  In Crossroads Milov incorporated a video wall element adding to the immersive visual experience of his choreography and music composition.

In 2009, Mr. Milov composed the music for Impact, a male solo dance performed with Absolute Ballet for the prestigious and elite residents of the world's only residential cruise ship The World.

For the 2009 PNB choreographers Showcase Mr. Milov composed the musical score for his new choreography Dimensions which also included music by Peter Gabriel.

In the spring of 2009 Stanko Milov collaborated with artist Matthew Felton to compose the music for Surge, a choreography by Sonia Dawkins performed by Stanko Milov at the prestigious Stars of Ballet and Broadway in Detroit, MI.

In April 2008 Stanko composed the music for his latest choreography Edin. The ballet was premiered at the 2008 Pacific Northwest Ballet's Choreographers Showcase.

In March 2006, Stanko Milov's critically aclaimed debut piano solos album Heartfelt was released at the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Choreographers Showcase, where Mr. Milov choreographed a piece set to three of the songs on the album. Stanko started recording his piano compositions early in 2005 working at studios in Seattle with producer Matthew Felton. Heartfelt was inspired by Mr. Milov's love for his family and his love for life. 

In 2004 Mr. Milov choreographed Kodai (Ancient Times) and also composed the original minimalist score of the ballet that was premiered at the 2004 Pacific Northwest Ballet's Choreographers Showcase.

Stanko Milov also composed the music for Eclipse, the ballet that he was invited by Francia Russell to choreograph for the Pacific Northwest Ballet School Professional Division students.


Photography by Matthew Felton © 2015


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1.   Awakening                4:12
2.   Snowflakes                3:50
3.   For Sara                    3:16
4.   L'etude de la passion 4:12
5.   My Alexander            4:44
6.   The Chase                  3:39
7.   Nocturne                    3:21
8.   Dragonfly                   3:55
9.   Reflective                   3:48
10. Patience                      3:42
11. Light                           3:54
12. Journey                       3:19
13. Memories                    4:12
14. New Beginning             2:57

Total Running Time:      53:50

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