10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

In August 2015, Mr. Milov was invited by the City of Bellevue and BYT as a choreographer for the production of 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalyse for the inaugural performances and openning of the new Microsoft BYT Amphitheatre.


In July 2015, Mr. Milov was invited by the City of Bellevue and BYT as a choreographer and to provide its artistic direction for the musical production of Aladdin. Mr. Milov also created the stage design of the production.  


The Nutcracker

In November 2014, as an artistic director of production, Stanko Milov and Vitaliy Milov choreographed and staged their premiere performance of The Nutcracker in collaboration with BB.  



Romeo & Juliet

Emily Davidson and Everett Amundson in Mountlake Terrace High School Drama Department's Romeo & Juliet. Ball

In September 2014, Mr. Milov created and choreographed a unique theatre-movement production of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” in two acts.

“The “Romeo and Juliet” movement workshop, presented by the Drama Department was not only a success, but a crowd pleaser as well… The workshop was led and directed by Stanko Milov, a professional choreographer, stage director and the executive director of GOAL… Milov has always been immersed in the arts and was glad to be leading a “Theatre-Movement” program such as this."
The HawkEye





Stanko Milov talking with the cast of "Crossroads"

photography by Matthew Felton

In February of 2012 Stanko Milov created "Crossroads", a one act ballet for the Cornish College of the Arts BFA Program Series.  He composed the musical score of the choreography in collaboration with Seattle based composer/musician Eric Chappelle.  In "Crossroads" Milov incorporated a video wall element adding to the immersive visual experience of his choreography.




photography by Rex Trenton


On June 13, 2009 Stanko Milov presented his new choreography "Dimensions" in the 2009 PNB Choreographers Showcase. The piece is set to music compoosed by Peter Gabriel and Mr. Milov.

"Dimensions," choreographed by Stanko Milov to a rhythmic score written by Milov with Peter Gabriel. Driven by the music, the work was replete with curving body sculpture that pulsed like breathing, intimating submission to the group versus the arduous attempt to break away into individuality with arms. In one of the most visually arresting moves, the dancers' arms arced and lifted in throbbing motion like large birds fighting gravity to pull away from the earth."
Maggie Larrick/ Queen Anne and Magnolia News Online




photography by Stanko Milov

On April 09, 2008 Stanko Milov presented a new work entitled Edin set to a new music composition by him at Pacific Northwest Ballet's 2008 PNB Choreographers Showcase at McCaw Hall.

“Stanko Milov’s piece Edin is for them the surprise of the evening. It was like Underworld, the ballet. Kind of spooky and dark; electronic music; electric dancing… They all were awesome. I like how Stanko used the stage with the sole female all ominous in the corners while the three men dominated center stage.”
European Weekly

In February of 2008 during Valentine's weekend, Mr. Milov choreographed and performed a piece with the Seattle chamber group Simple Measures.




Stanko Milov choreographs Heartfelt with Laura Gilbreath Jan 20th 2006   
photography by Matthew Felton

On March 22nd at the 2006 PNB Choreographers Showcase Stanko Milov's choreography entitled Heartfelt will be comprised of three pas de deux created to tracks from his debut Piano Solos CD Heartfelt. In this work the choreographer's intention is to portray and convey emotion and feeling through dance using his own piano compositions as an inspiration.

"Stanko Milov not only created the steps, designed the costumes and danced in "Heartfelt," but he also wrote the music. The ballet opened with Milov sitting at a grand piano composing, playing a phrase and scratching out notes. Three duets followed, each of a muse in a flowing dress inspiring her partner. The partnering was intense and intimate, soulful as much as sensual, with waltz-like turns and inventive holds and lifts."
Seattle Times



In 2004, Stanko Milov created Kodai(Ancient Times) featured snd performed at 2004 PNB Choreographers Showcase.

"The ballet was set to Mr. Milov's own minimalistic musical score. In addition to the choreography, Milov composed the minimalist score and designed the costumes, a rather striking ensemble evocative of samurai. The work is divided into several sections and the dancers are deployed hierarchically. The movement is big and expansive overall."



In 2003 by the invitation of Freancia Russell, Mr. Milov created and composed Eclipse for the professional division students of the Pacific Northwest Ballet School. This was the first time Stanko Milov used his own original musical score for his choreography.


Before coming to the United States in 1993 Mr. Milov has choreographed numerous times for the Bulgarian National Television, as well as for the State Choreographic School in Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition to his choreography Mr. Milov has set various classical variations and pas de deux for the Pacific Northwest Ballet School's showcase performances and various dance programs across the United States. Most recently he choreographed two pieces for the men at PNB School - Tango and Flamenco.